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Universal Programmer firmware

Firmware update for the universal programmer used for programming 5 amp timer and 10 amp timer version 8.

To update the Universal programmer's firmware and file system download the zip file to the phone or laptop, extract firmware.bin and filesystem.bin files. Power the programmer and connect to the programmer's Wi-Fi network from the phone or laptop. Go to the firmware update page: Select the .firmware.bin file to update firmware, then .filesystem.bin to update the file system.

Current firmware:

Version: UI_TIMER_20240709
Notes: Update UI to fix issue with Function 33 counter display. Added functions 44 and 45

Version: UI_TIMER_20240620
Notes: Update functions to V2.10. Fixed issue with XOR trigger function.

Version: UI_TIMER_20240505
Notes: Update functions to V2.09. Fixed reverse function operation issue.

Version: UI_TIMER_20240415
Notes: Update functions to V2.08. Added Functions 43. Fixed the trigger processing.

Version: UI_TIMER_20240128
Notes: Update functions to V2.06. Added Functions 41, 42

Version: UI_TIMER_20240112
Notes: Update functions to V2.05. Added Function 40

Version: UI_TIMER_20240105
Notes: Update functions to V2.04. Small bug fixes. Added Function 38,39

Version: UI_TIMER_20231227
Notes: Update functions to V2.03. Added flip-flop trigger

Version: UI_TIMER_20231124
Notes: Update functions to V2.02

Version: UI_TIMER_20230821
Notes: Added use of both triggers. Added function 37

Version: UI_TIMER_20230622
Notes: Fixed issues with Function 18 and 19.

Version: UI_TIMER_20221228
Notes: added function 37.

Version: UI_TIMER_20221128
Notes: added functions 31 and 36.

Version: UI_TIMER_20220905
Notes: added functions 18, 19 and 33.