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WiFi Timer Custom Firmware

This page provides a list of custom firmware available for the Wi-Fi 10amp timer. The timer's functionality can be extended by loading custom firmware. The firmware consist of two files: one for the user interface (UI) and the other file for core functionality. The instruction on how to load the firmware can be found in the standard firmware download area.

1. Random timing.
This firmware allowing to use of all the existing timer's functions but with random timing. Instead of fixed time t1 and t2 the timer will calculate random duration. The UI has an extra configuration for t3 and t4. Review Function #31 to understand how the timer calculates new t1 and t2. In short, the timer will use the ranges between t1-t2 and t3-t4 to calculate the times needed for the respective function.

Sep 22 2020
Minimum requirement: Wi-Fi timer with two outputs (HW5)

2. Accumulating Timer (coin timer).
Accumulating timer can be used in the coin-based system to provide the coin-to-time conversion. The timer features time per coin, coins to start, and the ability to cancel. The functionality is similar to the GS-402.

Feb 16 2021
Minimum requirement: Wi-Fi timer with two outputs (HW5)