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WiFi Timer Cook Book

The following are real-life examples of timer applications. Some of the examples will require to load custom firmware. To load the firmware first download it. Start the timer in the configuration mode and select the Update Firmware menu option. Select the downloaded firmware file and click go to upload it. Once updated return back to the Administration menu, select Timer's Configuration menu to display the firmware version.

1. Wi-Fi configurable timer has two outputs so it is possible to create a polarity reversing circuit with the help of additional automotive relays. The following circuit is designed to drive a motor forward when the trigger is applied for a period of t1 and then reverse the direction for a period of t2 when the trigger is removed. Two relays are used to switch the polarity. The polarity is controlled by the positive (Yellow wire) output. The sink (Orange wire) is activating the motors.

Minimum requirement: Wi-Fi timer with two outputs (HW5)
Available adjustments: t1, t2, trigger. Other parameters have no effect on operation.